AntWorks ProTech pioneered cloud services for clients in 1996.  This enabled businesses to be more productive before most computer technology companies were born!   

What are cloud services and the cloud ?  

Any technology service or application accessed through the Internet

Any email service through the internet: such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.

Any website that you log into for service, such as for banking or buying goods, is through the “cloud”

Backups that are off-premises

- Servers for business systems and data that are not locally housed


Why choose AntWorks ProTech's ProCloud? 

- 18 years of proven experience providing Cloud services to clients

- ProTech utilizes the same products and services that we provide for clients

Hundreds of years combined technology experience of our employees, many of whom have over 20 years in the industry

The top priority of our sales team is to design perfect solutions, not reach a sales quotas

Directly partnered with industry-leading companies like Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, and more


We can even design a Hybrid ProCloud solution to meet your specific needs for control and accessibility.

Call the experts with AntWorks ProTech and we will help design the right solution for your needs and make IT work for you!



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