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In today’s computer technology-driven marketplace, information is power. The information stored on your computers is critical to your survival. To test this fact, see how easy it is to keep business flowing during even the shortest outage. Chances are, frustration and confusion will ensue, as your employees are forced to fly blind – or not fly at all.

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AntWorks ProTech understands how important data is to your business, because it’s important to ours as well. With experience in managing our own highly complex data-centers, AntWorks ProTech understands the challenges to business continuity and disaster recovery. We put this experience to use in providing proven solutions to our customers.


What we employ for our own systems, we put to work for you... 


 We offer several technologies and services to protect you in an emergency, or to help you get up and running once one occurs, including:


Modern backup and data recovery systems, including off-site “cloud” back-ups or more traditional techniques such as to tapes or hard drives.


Virtualization strategies, which consolidate multiple servers to a single server providing better cost-efficiency, customization, and recoverability.


Partnerships with specialized technology firms to recover data or files from failed hard drives.

Our backup and recovery services are like life insurance for your business. If your computer systems ever fail, you have the peace of mind knowing that your data can be recovered and you can quickly be back in business. 

 “Reimagine IT !”

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